Fish&Whips Judge Lady Lou (New Zealand)

Lady Lou will steal your heart with her natural showgirl charm. She lights up the stage with a delicate mix of humor, glamour, and seduction. Lady Lou's main source of inspiration comes from the golden age of Burlesque during the 1920's. She strives to honor this historical art form by creating hand crafted acts which are diverse and unique. While Lady Lou is not performing you will find her making her own elaborate costumes, teaching Burlesque at Schönheitstanz, and directing Germany’s biggest Burlesque event - La Fête Fatale.

Lady Lou was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. After graduating from Art school she moved to London in search of a her creative outlet. It was there that she discovered Burlesque and was involved in helping behind the scenes. While living in London she fell in love with a German gentleman and they moved to Berlin in 2005. Lady Lou was immediately inspired by the beauty and history of Berlin it was then that she made it her goal to pursue a full time career in Burlesque. After a lot of determination, hard work and a deep passion for this art form she has succeeded! Now she travels through out Germany and Europe to teach and perform as well as organizing one of the biggest Burlesque events in Germany La Fête Fatale. Burlesque is not only a job for Lady Lou it is one of her greatest pleasures to help bring Burlesque back to Berlin.

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