The Comedy Club Kookaburra

The Bar Comedy Club Kookaburra in the art scene district of Prenzlauer Berg offers live entertainment every night of the week. Well-known national and international cabaret artists from all genres provide thigh-slappingly good entertainment.

In addition to the latest stylings by well-known artists like Achim Knorr, Chin Meyer or Ass Dur, some of the classics make their way to the stage at the Kookaburra as well: Every Sunday, Open Stage provides an opportunity for up and coming artists from any genre imaginable - magicians, poets, aspiring singers and more - to try out their talent on a real live audience. In colourful mixed shows, moderators offer a kaleidoscope of acts and surprise guests for their expectant audience. The Comedy Club Kookaburra is of particular interest for foreign visitors to Berlin, as their international programming offers laughs and guffaws in other languages: Every Tuesday and Sunday night, English comedy shows are set to delight foreign audiences - from the classic improv theatre sports show ‘Laugh Olympics’ to the ‘English Comedy Night’ with Kim Eustice and ever changing international stars of the stage.