1st Fish&Whips Burlesque Contest

July 6th - 9th 2011

Here you will find all registered performer for the contest. On which day you can see them perform will be announced soon.


Name: Amber Vanilla
From: Germany
About: This little Lady is all sweetness and cuteness with a smile sweet as the amber coloured honey... but watch out!!.. cause she can shake it as a bad girl!
Website: www.facebook.com/AmberVanilla.Burlesque
Name: Aniczka Papillon
From: Russia
About: Aniczka was born in the cold and vast steppe of the Taiga. It was there where she learned to dance and party ... and it was also there where she was influenced by the melancholical, enthusiastic and cheerful Russian way of life.
Website: www.papillon-burlesque.com
Name: Betty Badda-Boo
From: Germany
About: This darling is a specialist for the funny side of burlesque. Whether as smart jailbreaker or as flight attendant in a crashing plane, her stage shows always have a wink.
Website: www.facebook.com/betty.baddaboo

Name: Carlotta Pearl
From: Germany
About: Carlotta. She's the person to whom they say "you're sweet, my dear." But she doesn't want to be Miss Nice Girl anymore. . .

Website: http://de-de.facebook.com/people/Carlotta-Pearl/10

Name: Coco Clownesse
From: Germany
About: Comedy Burlesque
Website: www.cococlownesse.de
Name: Dynamite Betty
From: Germany
About: Dynamite Betty is a curvy redhead, a delightful lady with the flamy taste of enchanting charme & esprit, slightly covered in colourful sparkling pixie dust. ...but beware - this little packaqge is hot & quite explosive!
Website: www.myspace.com/dynamitebetty13

Name: Firelilly
From: Germany
About: Fireartist, pyrofreak and neo-burlesque: I like it hot and dirty! Several shows available, they all burn!
Website: www.firelilly.de
Name: Jet J'Adore
From: Ireland
About: J'Adore a Burlesque performer from the west coast of Ireland. She showcased her love of Burlesque in Ireland and Australia.She preferes to focus on the classical styles of Burlesque, incorporating vintage allure and tempting cheesecake deliciousness, along with traditional striptease, into memorable routines.

Name: Lady Tinkerbella
From: Germany
About: I am 30 years old graduate from Lady Lou's Burlesque School and performed at the BassyClub on Mai 18th for the first time as "Vampires wife" and want to do this again ;-)

Name: Le Femmes Brachiales
From: Germany
About: Burlesque-Clown-Grrrrl-Cuties
Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Les-Femmes-Brachiale
Name: Little Miss Piss
From: Germany
About: One minute she disarms you with her girlish charm… the next she’s staring you down like a cruel secretary. What lurks beneath is anybody’s guess. Creamy cake fights? Post-feminist social commentary? Golden showers? Just relax and let LMP’s dark charm take you away.
Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Little-Miss-Piss/171
Name: Madame Banane
From: Spain
About: I am a big Surprise (even for myself)!! Performer artist, kabaretist, singer, dancer, model, striper...a Woman. Newcomer in Burlesque but not for very long...I love what i do when i am doing it... and that can be seen by the audience.
Website: www.banuela.com

Name: Maria
From: Germany
About : I'll dance!

Name: Master Of Hellfire
From: Germany
About:Hubertus Wawra is the Master of Hellfire and trained pyrotechnician. He is the Guinness World Record holder in High Speed Fire eating and he looks back on a long comedy career in Varieté and Circus business. His show is a love declaration to the flaming heat and to everyone who likes to burn their fingers.
Website: www.master-of-hellfire.de
Nelly Farouche

Name: Nelly Farouche
From: Germany
About: I am a passionate performer with a variety of skills in dance, aerial acrobatics and fire arts.
Website: www.nellyfarouche.de
Name: Operalesque
From: USA
About: The Sexiest Women of Opera. Picture the glory of the female voice combined with the sensuality of the female form. This is the essence of Operalesque.We bring you the sizzle beneath the surface of opera, with an added dash of humor and fun.
Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Operalesque
Name: Sleazy Bake Lovin'
From: Canada
Abou : I followed my heart to Berlin fuelled by the promise of streets flowing with champagne, and skies lit with sparkling fire in the dead of winter. Ever since then, I've been trying to re-create the Silvester fantasy I experienced that first magical evening through song, dance, giggles and glitter.
Website: www.girlyshowinc.wordpress.com

Name: Soup DuJour
From: United Kingdom
About: Comedy and nudity are for me the elements of burlesque that features harmoniously in my work. From robots to aliens, Jesus and geeks, I really want to push my feminist views in a way that is entertaining as well as provoking.