2nd Fish&Whips Burlesque Contest

July 11th - 14th 2012

Here you will find all registered performer for the contest. On which day you can see them perform will be announced soon.


Name: Albadoro Gala
From: Italy
About: Finalist of the first talent show dedicated to the burlesque on Sky Tv ,refined performer of original television and theater performance,represents the collective imagination the typical italian beauty
Name: Athena 'Ttention
From: France
About: Athena is a french burlesque performer. She tries to mix retro and new burlesque to create unique, glamour and fun acts!
Name: Betty Q
From: Poland
About: Betty Q - dancer and performer, forerunner of burlesque in Poland. She is in love with retro style and can't imagine a life without lipstick and stockings. Author of shows for Betty Q and Crew-first pin-up show and new burlesque girls band. Burlesque Instructor @ Oh Lala (Warsaw dance Shool)
Website: Find Betty Q on Facebook
Name: Dixie Dynamite
From: Germany
About: Dixie Dynamite performs the delightful energetic and elegant dances of the 1920s to 1950s: besides burlesque pinup dance that's also tap dance (4-time german champion), charleston, vintage jazz and clogging. She teaches in her own "Vintage Dance Studio" and organize this year's "Munich Burlesque Weekend".
Website: Find Dixie Dynamite on Myspace
Name: Emily La Rose
From: Germany
About: Emily La Rose liebt es auf der Bühne zu stehen und mit viel Glitter und Glamour in neue Rollen zu schlüpfen. Von der süßen Hausfrau über die verzaubernde Medusa bis zur glamourösen Diva. Mit viel Herzblut versucht sie dem Publikum mit einem Augenzwinkern zu verzaubern.
Name: Fräulein Frauke
From: Sweden
About: Fräulein Frauke is one of Sweden's top burlesque stars renowned for her beautiful singing and extravagant and lavish costumes. This dark beauty combines jazz and striptease with the glamour of Brodway and the early twentieth century. She runs Stockholm's greatest Burlesque and Jazz-Club: Fräulein Frauke Presents
Website: www.frauleinfrauke.com
Name: GoldMinka
From: Germany
About: GoldMinka's show is dramatic, with a lot of sensual, soft, seductive and feminin movements styled in the style of the 1920's....
Website: Find GoldMinka on Facebook
Name: Jenny Starshine
From: Germany
About: Schon in frühester Kindheit stand Jenny Starshine auf der Bühne und hatte eine besondere Vorliebe für die schönen Künste und den Tanz.Sie organisiert regelmäßig die Dr. Sketchy´s Anti-Art School in Köln und steht natürlich auch selbst als Burlesquetänzerin u.a. mit dem Ensemble Pepperellas auf der Bühne.
Website: www.jenny-starshine.de
Name: Krissy Lou
From: Germany
About: Krissy Lou's goal is to tell storie in a way they were told by the old varietés and the black and white movie-theaters. She tries to tell little stories,not only with her costume or her body,but with the whole setting.
Website: www.krissylou.de
Name: Lizzy Malone
From: Germany
About: Lizzy Malone is from Cologne and is a classic burlesque dancer. In some shows she will tell a little story ...
Website: www.lizzy-malone.de
Name: Monsieur Minou Moustache
From: USA
About: Monsieur Minou Moustache, cofounder of the Berlin Boylesque Brigade, is a Berlin-based gentleman alley cat performer of dubious intent. More than just a stunningly handsome moustache, Minou's performances draw on swing, martial arts, traditional Haitian dance, cinematic storytelling, and a desire to keep it weird.
Website: find Minou Moustache on Facebook
Name: Ms.Harlot DeVille
From: Ireland
About: 2012 marks her 5th year of tailfeather shaking! She is representing Ireland in the World Female Crown category at World Burlesque Games this year and would love to bring her scintillating showgirl sauce to Berlin.
Website: Find Harlot DeVille at Facebook
Name: Pin Up Candy
From: Poland
About: Pin Up Candy is a burlesque dancer, pin up model and retro event promoter. She dances burlesque since 2010. In her reportoire she is focussing on classic new burlesque performances with fetish elements. In Wasaw she promotes burlesque dancing and retro fashion in cooperation with tv.
Website: Find Pin Up Candy's Blog
Name: Rita Lynch
From: Italy
About: As if she had come directly from a world of celluloid, silver nitrate, and oil paints, with its show, she wants to catapult viewers into a parallel universe, where you can choose who to be "real."
Website: www.ritalynch.it
Name: Salma
From: Poland
About: Salma is a beginner but she LOVEs Burlesque and want to try and have fun on the stage!
Website: www.salma.pl
Name: Sophie d' Ishtar
From: Italy
About: Sophie d'Ishtar burlesque performer of Rome and is pleased to perform at the contest.You can see her on internet and youtube. Now she works at the Miccs club of Rome.
Website: Find Sophie on Facebook
Name: Sylvie Bovary
From: Italy
About: Sylvie Bovary known as "the tattooed Lady" ..... argues that without all of his designs would feel naked and embarrassed.
Website: Find Sylvie on Facebook
Name: Vampfire
From: Italy
About: With flaming locks of auburn hair, a dramatic voice and a smile that kills, Vampfire invites you to join her on a time machine to a never forgotten world of beauty, music and endless creativity.Vampfire explores the history of girlie shows and cabaret, on a journey that may lead to bright lights as to drama and darkness.
Website: Find Vampfire on Facebook
Name: Alice Apathy
From: Germany
About: Alice Apathy is an ambitious burlesque newcomer. She may seem a little reserved at first glance - but beware! Her head is full of wild ideas that will astound you. As soon as she enters the stage, she becomes a passionate performer and introduces you to a world made of trash, glitter and burlesque.
Website: Find Alice Apathy on Facebook
Name: Bana Banana
From: Spain
About: Last year finalist and one of the hottest and creative performers in Berlin.Not satisfized with her last year presentation and perfectionist as she is,here is she back for more!Well know between the alternative&underground escene in Berlin since the last 5 years, we can consider her a real Berliner.Sexy, Dark, Pimp, Funny and always Elegant:When you see her on stage...you can't stay calm in your seat!
Website: www.banabanana.com
Name: Coco Deville
From: United Kingdom
About: Ms Coco Deville is a highly established performer in the decadent and theatrical burlesque scene for over six years.Known for her theatrical moxie, dynamic dancing and effervescent energy Ms Deville has become one of the most distinctive and undisputedidly entertaining performers in the UK cabaret circuit.
Website: www.coco-deville.com
Name: Dixie Ramone
From: Italy
About: In june 2011 Dixie Ramone was the winner of the first "Dixie Evans Burlesque Festival" in Las Vegas and became the first and only italian ever to win it.2011 she does her debut in TV, being the teacher of the academy of Lady Burlesque, the first talent/reality show about burlesque on Sky TV.
Website: Find Dixie Ramone at Facebook
Name: Erochica Bamboo
From: Japan
About: Tokyo temptress "Erochica Bamboo" Caberet and Burlesque dancer from the land of the rising sun.Burlesque Legend, Dixie Evans "The Marilyn Monroe of Burlesque"called her "The Tokyo Tornado" Producer of TOKYO TEASE! Teacher and founder of the " Tokyo Burlesque Academy".
Website: Find Erochica Bamboo on Facebook
Name: Giuditta Sin
From: Italy
About: As a modern Persephone, it holds the lights and shadows. Nymph by mischievous smile and the light step or gothic lolita languid and melancholic, Giuditta Sin loves to make each ... performance an 'opportunity to free her imagination, showing it in its many nuances and involve you in a lucid dream.
Website: www.giudittasin.com
Name: Hedoluxe
From: Germany
About: Hedoluxe is a Hamburg based costume designer and well known in his silver gear.He performed at various Burlesque events like London-, Amsterdam- and Helsinki-Burlesque Festival, Club Noir Glasgow, Fete Fatale, ... His performances are a bit unusual, not retro at all.
Website: www.facebook.com/hedo.luxe
Name: Kitty Gowild
From: Germany
About: Seit 2008 als Schönheitstänzerin auf der Bühne.Burlesque ist für mich der Einstieg zur kreativen Welt der Bühne geworden. Meine Intention ist Lebenslust und Lebensfreude mit meinem Publikum zu teilen. Dies äussert sich mal in klassichen, anmutigen ,mal in morbiden blutigen Showeinlagen.
Website: www.pepperellas.de
Name: Lady Francescca De Magnifico
From: Sweden
About: With her flowing, fiery red hair and her energy Lady Francescca De Magnifico is a danger on stage. Adding her cheesy glamour you will be thrilled and you only want more and more of this rising Swedish burlesque star.With Lady Francescca you're in for a unforgettable treat.
Website: www.ladyfrancescca.com
Name: Miss Anne Thropy
From: France
About: Miss Anne Thropy is one of France most beloved Burlesque Showgirls. Since 2005, she has graced the most notorious stages in Europe and has seduced wide audiences with her curves and Parisian glamour...

Website: www.missannethropy.com
Name: Mopsy Meyers
From: Germany
About: Mopsy Meyers is Berlin's trash-gore burlesquesploitation queen. With equal parts eroticism, horror and fantasy, be careful! You might end up liking what you see.
Name: Nuit Blanche
From: Italy
About: She is the president of the first italian burlesque artists' collective: the "Silk Ribbon Sisters Burlesque Team".She performs and teaches since 2009 in Italy and abroad. Her style on stage neo-burlesque, but she also likes rétro atmosphere.
Website: www.nuitblanche.com
Name: Raven
From: Australia
About: Raven is the Black Prince of the Burlesque Underground and the inaugural Mr Boylesque Australia 2012 . Soft with grace and a white countenance you’ll adore, in a flash of feathers he’ll take you to the dark side and challenge your preconceptions of beauty, attraction and desire. Always a crowd favourite, Raven will mesmerise and entice, but if he approaches you beware – this wild bird bites..
Name: Rose Rainbow
From: Germany
About: Rose Rainbow is a Burlesque performer and professional Bollywood Dancer and teacher made in Bavaria. Her audience passes her a lot of compliments for her beauty and elegance on stage. She startet her burlesque career in 2008 and loves to built her acts with eleborate beautiful costumes.
Website: www.roserainbow.de
Name: Sheera Champagne
From: Germany
About: Sheera Champagne is a student of Lady Lou and she would like to perform with the frog of her dreams....
Website: Find Sheera Champagne on Facebook
Name: Sweety J.
From: Italy
About: She is the Winner of Lady Burlesque 2011, italian tv talent show on Sky Uno. She is also the first italian perfomer to have performed at Burlesque Hall of Fame 2011 in Las Vegas. Neo-Burlesque dancer and singer, with "noir" and "dream world" influences. She works everyday all over the Italy and Japan.
Website: www.sweety-j.com
Name: Valentina del Pearls
From: France
About: Valentina is burlesque performer and promoter and is currently working in Paris where she runs the "Le Burlesque Klub" She is doing Burlesque since 2006. She always has to tell small theatrical storys. Tone is light, glamourous and humourous.
Website: www.valentinadelpearls.com